About Y4iT

What is Y4iT?

Established in 2003, the Youth Congress on Information Technology (formerly known as the Philippine Youth Congress on Information Technology)—commonly known as Y4iT—is an annual information technology event in the Philippines, organized by the UP System Information Technology Foundation (UP SITF).

Aimed primarily at college students, professionals, educators, IT experts and enthusiasts,Y4iT is an enabling event for today’s youth and aspires to recognize young Filipinos as key drivers in the dynamic IT industry. Since its launching, Y4iT has gone on to be at the forefront of information technology gathering events in the Philippines. Various relevant and exciting IT topics are presented and discussed. The event is co-organized by the Y4iT Volunteer Corps (YVC).

About the Theme

This year’s theme, “Y4iT the 13th: Are You Ready?” dares the Filipino youth to brave the
unknown. In the dynamic world of IT today, individuals may have the skills and potential needed, but are they confident enough to take the next step? Y4iT poses this challenge, together with its objective of inspiring the youth and recognizing them as key drivers in the
Information Technology industry.

The Y4iT 2014 Experience

Harnessing the Power of ME: Y4iT 2014 Experience

Y4iT 2014: Bitcoin 101 - Ron Hose

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